Subway Surfers

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The Modern Day, Graffiti-Spraying, Police-Chasing Endless Runner Game

After it was released in 2012, Subway Surfers quickly became a hit among kids of many ages. Much like the game Temple Run, the objective is to lead your character to run as far as possible while avoiding the many obstacles that appear. However, there are many features of Subway Surfers that allow it to stand out from other "endless running" games and make it immensely entertaining.

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Subway Surfers Cheats Android takes place in various locations around the world but is always set in a train yard. The game is naturally lighthearted with bright graphics and smooth, fast-paced game play. It begins when a police officer catches you spraying graffiti on a train, and you start running to avoid escape. Along the way, you will encounter incoming trains, barriers, and even bushes and streetlights. By swiping to the sides to move, up to jump, and down to slide, your character will keep running as the course gets progressively faster and more difficult.
The default character is the teenage boy "Jake", but there are numerous other characters with special attributes that you can unlock. However, what makes the game extremely entertaining (and truthfully, quite addictive), are the power-ups that can be collected on the course. These include coin magnets, score doublers, jetpacks, hoverboards, and super sneakers that allow you to jump over trains. With all of these features implemented in this well-designed game, Subway Surfers is an incredibly enjoyable app and one that continues to be popular years later.