Subway Surfers

In this Blog you will be informed about the game Subway Surfers.

All about Subway Surfer Characters, Power-Ups and Game Play


Subway Surfer is a mobile based video game that was released in 2012 to mobile device platforms. This video game was developed by Kiloo. This game was a favorite for kids from the time it was first released. Subway Surfer is an endless running game where players have to outrun the police while dodging trains and other obstacles along the way. The game has many great features including power ups and special characters.

The central character in Subway Surfer Münzen Hack is Jake. He is the default Subway Surfers characters that a person can use for game play. Gamers that can capture enough hats to get the female character Tricky; can play with her as well.

Other personalities within the game include Fresh, Spike, Yutani, Lucy, King and Tasha. There are even special characters such as Zoe (a zombie chick) and the police officer and his dog. They often appear as various holiday themed characters during holiday versions of the game.

The power-ups in the game make it really fun to play. These Subway Surfer power-ups make the game fun and entertaining. A player can utilize spray can jet packs to fly through the air, super sneakers to move really fast across train tracks, hover boards to avoid collisions and magnets to collect extra coins.

These really great Subway Surfer tips will help people to beat the game. All of the power-ups will help a person to unlock hidden characters, advance to the upper levels and conquer the various worlds of Subway Surfer.