Subway Surfers

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Subway Surfers Online



Co-founded by Kiloo Games 2012, Subway Surfers is a fun and entertaining way to spend a few extra minutes or even an hour or improving your skills and reflexes while having a good time. Its extensive list of characters and special bonuses are enough to ensure that the players will keep playing just to see if they can last a little longer or pick up that extra bit of coin to buy the next character or power-up. In short, it's an addicting running game that has no real end except when the player can't react quick enough. 

Subway Surfers Characters

The intro to the game shows the main character that every player starts with, Jake. As the game progresses you can earn other characters through the acquisition of items. You can get these items by completing daily challenges, or you earn the necessary coin to buy certain characters. Jake is the starting character, and Tricky is the next that is the easiest to earn. Characters such as King, Spike, and Fresh take some effort, but add to the entertainment once they are added to the roster.

Subway Surfer Power-ups

You can attract coins to your character with a giant magnet, leap over speeding trains with jump boots, or even fly through the air on an aerosol-powered jetpack. Every power-up in the game is designed to get more coins and more points for distance. There are even days of the week that offer randomized and special power-ups that are not always available.


Subway Surfers Hack Android is a fun and engaging game what that will keep most players busy for hours. So long as your reflexes hold out you can just keep on running.