Subway Surfers

In this Blog you will be informed about the game Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers – What is the game all about?


Some of the top tips and tricks for high scores!

The endless running game which stands in the list of most downloaded games on smartphone is Subway Surfers Cheats. It has registered more that 8 million downloads worldwide. It is an addictive yet interesting game which make player help Jake, the protagonist, to escape from the inspector and his dog. With new editions and updates the advanced graphics makes the game more lively and exciting. They also have hoverboards surfing and super fast swipe to keep up the thrill level.

Tips for Subway Surfers:

  • Use the move combos- These are really useful combos which will help gain more coins. These are : Jump + right or jump + right + right to dash to the right in mid-air, Jump + left or jump + left + left to dash to the left in mid-air, Jump + Roll = Cancels your Jump then instantly goes into a Roll and Roll + Jump = Cancels your Roll then instantly goes into a Jump.
  • Stay high – This will help player to avoid obstacles easily.
  • Use Hoveboards, Score boosters and power starters wisely for eg when there is no escape from hitting an object etc. Using these will help in making high scores.
  • Know about Power Ups – Each power up has its own importance.

1)X2 Multiplier :  Doubles the multiplier and helps to increase the score twice when collected.

2)Coin Magnet : Helps to collect all the coins. The coins come themselves and gets collected.

3)Super Sneakers  : Helps to jump over Trains higher.

4)Jet Pack : Flies in air for a while and player will not get any trains, only needs to collect coins.

Don’t miss on these power ups and also keep updating them for more benefits.

Also player should try and keep the smartphone connected to internet while playing so that all the new daily missions are seen. Achieving these missions and challenges can help gaining more coins easily.